How to make the very best as a member of the community

Welcome to the largest community of Digital marketers and social media influencers in the world.

If you have not gone through our terms & condition and policy kindly do that before you continue.

The world of marketing is advancing faster than ever before. The rate at which content is created and consumed is higher than it has ever been in the history of marketing, and to stay on top is not as easy as it may seem.

Digital marketing age

The digital age involved advertising using email, SEO and blogging. With an increase in number of internet or website user, then begot higher demand for advertising to reach the ever growing community of the internet.

However, We have created this community to leverage on the technology andvancement in this digital era to provide a residual based income for the member of this community.

Ways to earn

Your earnings are basically based on your activities on the platform.

  • Sharing ads
  • You earn when you share premium content uploaded on the plaform to the various social media page you provided during registration.

  • Commenting on threads
  • Comments boast your rank in the community. you also earn when you comment on threads.

  • Post content
  • Are you a good writer? Do you have what it takes to provide great content that can change our world? Post content and start erning today.

  • Referal
  • You earn when you refer someone to join the community.

  • Post ads
  • Our community is run based on different business idea, investment and stategy. Part of it is promoting local ads. As a member of this community you earn when you post premium content on the community.

Community exchange currency

All bonus and earnings are in our community local currency known as "TREASURE", denoted by "T". An equivalent of your country's local currency will be remitted to your bank account upon withdrawal request.

Withdrawal interval

Withdrawal request is only available every 21 days

Dos and donts

We are fully aware of alot of tricks involved in social media platforms and we advice our community members to desist from them. Reward is based on sincerity, loyalty and hardwork.

Earning value and settlement

Your share earning power depend on the number of followers on your social media handle. the more followers you have the more your earning power. Your earning power will be displayed on your profile dashboard.

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