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How to double your earnings on digitmkt

How to double your earnings on digitmkt

Our vision is to be the largest community of digital marketers, we gather all the parties of the industry in one place. This community is the first of it’s kind, Digitmkt is the right tool that all business need to achieve maximum success

We have created a medium through which you can make money on our website this season using your mobile phone. Have you ever tried to think about how much you spend daily on airtime/data and how many hours you spend on the internet daily?

Take this advantage and start making cool cash with all those daily expenses


Digitmkt presents opportunity for you to start making money doing your normal stuffs online,

E.g Reading articles, commenting on threads, sharing premium content (sponsored post) to your social media timeline which is the major job on our platform sharing our ads on social media , and also Participating in other activities on the platform such as creating topics in forums and also following other topics up on the platform.

Referral is not compulsory on this platform, The only compulsory activity here is sharing our premium contents to social media

All this initiatives is to help you make money from your daily activities on the internet, is this not interest making over 2000 naira daily just spending less than 1hour on our website,

Digitmkt also makes advertisement free for all members, that means as a member of digitmkt you can place adverts for free and the company will help you in reaching more people, this is part of our mission to encourage entreprenurship,

Join Digitmkt today and start enjoying all our services JOIN NOW



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