Frequently asked questions

What is Digitmkt? is a community of digital marketers and social media influencers with an ultimate goal of creating a digital community and promoting business leveraging the latest technology innovations. Our vision is to be the largest community of digital marketers, that gathers all the parties of the industry in one place. This community is the first of it’s kind. is the right tool that all business need to achieve maximum success.

Who is it made for? is made for you, yes you

WHat do i stand to gain joining Digitmkt?

 Have you ever searched How to make money online on google? If yes, You are in the right place, let me show you how. is a community of social media influencers and digital marketers geared towards promoting businesses leveraging on the latest innovations in the tech sector, At digitmkt we pay our marketers for sharing our ads on social media,

This presents opportunity to make money online just doing your normal activities on social media


We also give all our users the opportunity to advertise their business for free on our platform

Why should i join Digitmkt?

Have you ever spared some time to think about how many hours and resources you spend on social media daily,  Why not take advantage of Digitmkt’s earning opportunity. This opportunity is free to all. Either you are a Student, Youth corp member,Fresh graduate, Stay-at-home mum, Unemployed, House wife, Blogger, Self employed or anyone who wishes to make money online. Once you have an internet enabled mobile phone, you are good to go. Take advantage of your environment, families and friends, even Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media contact and make money for yourself.
Don’t allow the economy situation of the country to put your back on the ground. Seize the opportunity and make good use of it. Digitmkt’s Earning Opportunity has come to stay for those who wish to earn online.

What are the basic requirement to join the community?

Do you have a reasonable amount of friends, followers, views or likes on your social media page? Join Digitmkt today and start earning residual income from sharing ads on your social media page or blog and other activities on the platforrm.

Below are the basic requirement

  •  You must have an active social media account (facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, blogger, whatsapp, telegram, wordpress etc).
  •  You must have a resonable about of friends, likes, or follows to join.
  •  You must have an active social media account of minimum of 6months

How do i earn on Digitmkt?

Basically, as a members of the community you earn when you read, share and comment on ads posted on the threads.

How do i Join Digitmkt?

Registration is absolutely free. But as a sign of commitment toward the primary goal of the community, each member will pay a sum NGN1,500 for account activation which is totally refundable anytime a user want to terminate his/her account with an additional service and system maintenance fee. For more details kindly read our terms and conditions page.

How do i post ads on Digitmkt?

Posting ads is easier than you think. Firstly, you need to signup. After signup your wait for few minutes for your account to be verified. Then, you proceed to the community to post your ads..

What is the minimum withdrawal amount

Referral bonuses can be withdrawn immediately Once you have ammased not lessthan 20,000 points (equivalent to N5,000) can be converted and withdrawn

Must i refer someone to earn on Digitmkt?

No, referal is not compulsory but you earn extra 3000 points each time a member is refered by you.

When will i get paid?

You are qualified to order for your earnings once you have acculmulated up to 6000 points

Is it compulsory to share sponsored post?

Yes, it is, as it is one of the ways the company earns the money which is later shared to with our subscribers

Is it compulsory to participate in daily sponsored activities?

Yes, it is too, as it also makeup the numerous way through which the company earns the money which is later shared to with our subscribers

Are there rules and regulations on this platform?

Yes there are and our team members are on their feet daily to ensure they are followed click here to visit our terms and conditions page


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