50 health benefits of WATER

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    Tope Adesola 2 weeks ago

    Water keep us healthy, satisfied, and beautiful. Besides being one of the main sources of life, it comes chock-full of benefits like fantastic skin and increased metabolism. And it doesn’t hurt when you’re sipping out of a cute bottle, like the bkr bottle.

    Here are 50 reasons to start sipping now.

    1. Prevents dehydration. Water equals hydration, so this one’s pretty much a given.
    2. Flushes out toxins. Forget juicing, water is the ultimate at flushing out toxins. Amp it up by throwing in a lemon wedge to increase its benefits.
    3. Clears complexion.As important as it is to moisturize, glowing skin is the result of hydrating your body from the inside.
    4. Heals dull skin. Your skin will look brighter and you’ll look more awake.
    5. Prevents chapped lips. Say goodbye to dry lips because no lip balm compares to the power of water.
    6. Fights ashiness. Slathering on body lotion isn’t the only solution to those ashy legs.
    7. Weight loss. It’s zero calories, duh!
    8.Increases metabolism. Kick start your mornings with a glass of cold water for a metabolism boost.
    9. Aids digestion. Bye bye constipation.
    10. Reduces the risk of disease. It basically prevents any damage to your major organs, so we’d say it’s pretty important.
    11. Relieves headaches. Migraines are never fun. It’s often the result of dehydration so take a sip of some H2O.
    12. Prevents cramps. Water actually helps your period, so drink up.
    13. Regulates body temperature.Yes, water is responsible for your body temperature. That’s why we sweat!
    14. Boosts immune system. No one likes getting sick, and drinking water is the most basic way to stay healthy.
    15. Increases energy. Get those arms pumping, legs marching, eyes blinking, fingers typing… You get the point.
    16. Maximizes workouts. If you haven’t already, make water your workout pal.
    17. Balances fluids. Yin and yang those body fluids.
    18. Prevents high cholesterol. Just another one of water’s many benefits!
    19. Restores electrolytes. Ditch the sugar and opt for some water instead.
    20. Regulates kidney function. They need water’s help to filter the waste in your body, so give ‘em some love and hydrate yourself.
    21. Prevents kidney stones. The number risk for kidney stones is lack of water intake. So drink up,
    22. Reduces hangover symptoms.We love a GNO, but not so much the hangover that follows. Alcohol dehydrates your body, so drink water liberally.
    23. Increases brain function. It’ll get those creative juices flowing.
    24. Improves mood. Who doesn’t want to feel happier?
    25. Elevates alertness. If simply drinking water is going to heighten our senses, then count us in.
    26. Fights high blood pressure.Strokes, blood clots, and heart disease are just some of the effects of hypertension.
    27. Protects joints. It doesn’t take the slightest bit of elbow grease to drink water.
    28. Prevents hemorrhoids. Yikes, that’s never fun.
    29. Relieves congestion. The next time your voice is sounding nasally, chug some H2O.
    30. Decreases the risk of heartburn.If you’ve never experienced it, consider yourself lucky.
    31. Improves heart health. Happy heart, happy life!32. Maintains pH balance. Our pH levels should be between 7.35 and 7.45 to prevent illnesses and water keeps our pH levels happy and healthy.
    33. Prevents osteoporosis. This is basically when your bones become fragile and brittle making them more prone to breakage. Ouch.
    34. Aids breathing. Your body naturally loses water when you breathe, so stay hydrated.
    35. Improves body functions.Whether you love cycling, running, or yoga, water will make sure you get the most out of your workout.
    36. Treats backaches. Regularly drinking water helps cushion your joints!
    37. Prevents rheumatoid arthritis. If our joints didn’t function properly, we’d all be waddling around like penguins.
    38. Fights bladder infections. The color of your pee is a good indicator of whether or not you’ve been drinking enough water!
    39. Reduces risk of ulcers. Even if you have a high pain tolerance, ulcers are on another level.
    40. Improves ability to think. Treat your brain right and you’ll be surprised what it can do for you.
    41. Relieves fatigue. Yeah, that sounds pretty good.
    42. Transports nutrients throughout your body. There’s no point in eating clean if you’re not getting the most out of those nutrients.
    43. Serves as an appetite suppressant. One step closer to our summer bod? We’re in!
    44. Reduces the symptoms of asthma. The simple act of breathing might be overlooked, but you’ve got water to thank for that.
    45. Prevents premature wrinkles.Well, we know one thing’s for sure. Water’s probably the most affordable anti-aging miracle worker out there.
    46. Regulates levels of saliva. Your saliva breaks down your food so it’s pretty crucial that it’s able to do its job.
    47. Fights tooth decay. No one likes paying a visit to the dentist.
    48. Beats bad breath. The strongest mint has no chance against sipping on water throughout the day.
    49. Relieves swelling. If you find that you wake up with puffy eyes or a bloated face, you probably didn’t drink enough water the night before.
    50. Aids relaxation. Water and chill, anyone?

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