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2face blasts Nigerian pastors, Imams

2face blasts Nigerian pastors, Imams

Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2baba, is at it again, he has blasted Nigerian pastors and Imams, warning them to stop embarrassing God.

2face also warned Nigerians against following those pastors, who, according to him, had failed to help them in this trying time.

He added that instead of helping their members in this period when Coronavirus has crippled businesses, some of the pastors were looking for ways to collect from them.

“Fuck all pastors and Imams and all so called men of God! Good is good and bad is bad.

Preach the truth. Don’t be embarrassing God everywhere. #ONELOVERELIGION,” 2face tweeted.

Continuing in Pidgin English,   “Una still dey follow men of god wey no do anything to help.

 “Instead them been dey try to still find way to collect from una lean change.”
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  1. They’re the major cause of Nigerian crises

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